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Ryan & Company is a full service Plumbing, Heating and Cooling repair and installation company established in 1949 with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable & personalized service. We service Commercial, Institutional and Residential properties. With over a half century of experience we have earned a stellar reputation for our comprehensive services. We hope you'll take the time to see for yourself all that we have to offer you. We welcome you to our little corner of the web!


What Our Clients Have To Say

Earlier this week, I called for service after experiencing no water. Your business responded promptly and started repairs in the afternoon. Unexpected complications developed and the work had to be continued the following day. As promised, the servicemen returned the next morning. In addition, Kevin joined them for a couple of hours to review the situation and offer advice. It’s impressive and appreciated to see the owner taking such a hands-on approach.

The entire process was handled well, no pun intended! Even my initial call was handled well and every promise was followed up.

By end of the day, the well pump had a protective sleeve added, the pump replaced and water restored.

Erin, I wanted to remind you of a recent time when you handled a concern I expressed over a charge for service. Your professional handling was remembered and appreciated. It’s a major reason for me to stay with Ryan!

And of course, the Servicemen have all been competent and considerate. On this complicated repair, both technicians worked diligently and their efforts were appreciated.

Continued best wishes for the entire Ryan business. Your attention to detail is appreciated.
Chester, New Jersey

I had the emergency that every homeowner dreads- the leaking water heater! I called your office very early in the morning and was assisted in a calm and highly professional way as I was panicking.

Within an hour, I had a call back to schedule an emergency visit and in a few short hours, I had a beautiful new water heater functioning perfectly in my condo. My technician was Pete and he was EXCELLENT.

This is not the first time I have used Ryan. Each and every time I have been more than satisfied but in this particular situation, I was just blown away by the service and attention I received.


All of your plumbing and heating needs met and done with superior service and fantastic genuine care

Marcy D.
Morristown, NJ

Thoroughly impressed with Ryan & Co. Upon return from a weekend away, our furnace was out, it was cold. I called Monday morning, and they were able to get me in on the day of the call. The tech actually showed up about 5 minutes early… which, is generally unheard of. A quick assessment, explaining what he was doing the whole time, the removal of an unfortunate mouse caught in the exhaust fan, an assessment of damage (none), a reset of the system and voila… we’re off. Plus, I had some wire mesh that he used to put little blocks on the input/output, helped change the humidifier as well as whole house filter, gave a few pointers, and was on his way. Definitely the easiest and most helpful HVAC experience I’ve ever had. Oh, and was able to take a credit card and write up a detailed receipt that was automatically emailed to me… which anyone using tradesmen knows it’s normally and old school check exchanging hands, this is just another added bonus.

Raymond B.

Last night, my steam boiler started running rough and giving off an odd odor, something other than a natural gas smell. After another company failed to find the problem first thing this morning and told me my chimney was likely blocked, I called Ryan and Co. after verifying myself that the chimney was clear. They came within a few hours and advised that the boiler flue passages were clogged and needed a cleaning. A few hours later, everything is working great again. Fantastic service, super fast response time (can’t tell you how many places didn’t even call me back), and reasonable rates.

Amit M.
Morristown, NJ

Just had my third service with these guys and once again everything was excellent and really felt compelled to leave a review. Having bought a house that needed a good deal of work done I have been dealing with awful contractors for close to two years now. This company is a breath of fresh air. Whenever I call the receptionist is super friendly, the guys who come are always on time, friendly and get what they need to accomplish in a short time. They’ve addressed both of our heating issues with no problem and on very short notice. Our tech today, Richard was outstanding and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend this company.

Dominika M.
Morristown, NJ

I use Yelp almost daily when searching for services and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to leave a review. It is rare that a service provider exceeds your expectations. I’ve used Ryan & Co. three times now, and every single time they are more prompt, more courteous, more professional than I could possibly anticipate.

We bought an old house with radiators, baseboard, and electric heat. I’ve always used forced heat in the past and have never had a boiler. So I have a lot to learn. Ryan & Co. came out three times – once because the boiler was too full, another time to improve the performance of my radiators, and finally a late-night emergency visit for a burst pipe.

Erin is always really nice on the phone, even when I have a lot of questions. I spoke with Kevin recently during my after hours emergency call, and he also was really nice. I had water pouring out of my wall and ceiling and he helped find the water shutoff valve for the house, saving me a lot of water damage. They had a technician out to me in about 20 minutes.

Rich has been my technician for almost all of the work and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He is methodical and thorough and he explains everything he’s doing in a way that I can understand. I’ve had many, many questions and he always answers them patiently and with kindness. Ryan and Co. has taught me more about my home than I’ve learned through any other means. Beyond the work that they’ve done, this knowledge will help me care for and enjoy my home and for that I am very grateful.

Their prices have been quite reasonable – $300 for the after-hours call to stop the leaking pipe (still have to schedule the repair), $1100 for a full days work adjusting and repairing 10 radiators. They have a customer for life!

Melissa S.
Mendham, NJ


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