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Water Main Repair & Replacement

Water main repair/replacement must be performed to water systems to replace or repair broken, corroded, or leaking sections of pipe. The broken pipe section is either replaced or as is often the case, a repair sleeve is placed around the outside of the broken pipe section and clamped into place. Following the repair of the pipe, the line is typically flushed and then disinfected with a chlorine solution. The chlorine solution is usually mixed on site with powdered calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. Pipe repair and replacement has the potential to impact the environment through:

  • Erosion and sedimentation which take place as a result of excavation, stockpiling, and backfilling
  • Discharge of sediment laden water in the excavated area from groundwater and rainfall
  • Discharge of sediment laden flush water and highly chlorinated disinfecting solution.

These impacts can be minimized through control measures. Sediment and erosion control measures that can be implemented for the excavation of the trench include stockpiling the excavated soil on the uphill side of the trench or installing silt fence on the downhill side of the excavation. The impacts associated with discharges from trench dewatering, pipe flushing and pipe disinfecting can be reduced by discharging into storm water management facilities such as detention ponds where solids can settle and chlorine compounds can dissolve.