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Save up to 40% on Heating Bills with System 2000

No matter how efficient you think your heating system is, you can still save up to 40% off your heating costs! You've got to see the results of an independent lab study that proves System 2000 is most efficient, and saves significantly over even the highest Energy Guide (AFUE) rated boilers.

Find out how this remarkable system is different and why it outperforms all others, how it can pay for itself, and how other homeowners have benefited.   Watch the video, "Season after Season" video.

Real Efficiency Ratings

The trouble with AFUE ratings: what's the real efficiency of home heating systems?  

Click here to find out how government Energy Guide ratings (AFUE) can mis-represent fuel efficiency by up to 47%. System 2000 is designed for REAL efficiency, not just for the Energy Guide rating. In fact, AFUE ratings are generations behind today's technology, and real efficiency and savings are not reflected in AFUE ratings!

Over 30% Average Savings

Over 30% Average Savings achieved by replacing 85%-86% AFUE cast iron boilers with System 2000. In this multi-year study, the U.S. Coast Guard in Kodiak, Alaska, replaced (24) new 85% and 86% AFUE cast iron boilers of various makes, indirect water heaters, and electric water heaters with System 2000 in residences.

The tremendous savings led to the 2007 replacement of another (150) cast iron boilers as part of a Super Energy Saving Performance Contract (Super ESPC) which is run by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP). This project capitalizes on the expertise and financing of the ESPC contractor to assist the Coast Guard in complying with the recent Executive Order which requires all Government agencies to reduce their energy use by 20% by 2015. The Coast Guard also realized operations and maintenance savings with System 2000 over the cast iron models.

Calculate Savings

Estimate savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with an upgrade to System 2000 for all your heat and hot water needs, and compare to other typical systems. Even estimate payback with the help of your installing contractor!