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Condensing Boilers

For more than 85 years, Lochinvar has played a legendary role in commercial water heating. Now they're bringing that proven performance to the condensing market with the KNIGHT—today’s most advanced fully modulating high-efficiency condensing boiler.

And now continuing that legendary role, Lochinvar offers 5 new Knight models in a wall mount version. The Knight wall mount boiler extends our product offering, bringing you even more flexibility than ever before!

The KNIGHT Heating Boiler has earned a 96% DOE AFUE rating, well above ENERGY STAR ® requirements. Built to commercial-grade standards, and armed with a 12-year limited warranty, this boiler is ready for battle.

SMART SYSTEM is the industry’s most advanced operating control. Right out of the box, it gives you unequaled control and monitoring functions that are easy to understand and use including:

  • 2-Line, 16-Character LCD Display: Displays setup and diagnostic information in words, not codes
  • Password Security: Dual passwords for installer and user
  • Product Service Indicator: Program reminders for cycle count, operation hours or last service
  • Pump Relay w/Freeze Protection: Ensures water temperature does not fall below 40°F
  • Low-Water Flow Indicator: Protects against high temperature differential in the heat exchanger with reduced modulation or shutdown
  • Outdoor Reset: Outdoor temperature monitor guides the reset schedule to meet load
  • Night Setback: Program a heating loop water temperature setback for any time of the day, each day of the week
  • Building Management System: (BMS) Control 0-10 VDC, BMS-driven input for modulation rate or temperature control
  • DHWP with Pump Control: On call for hot water, SMART SYSTEM overrides outdoor reset and starts DHWP pump to the indirect. Runtime can alternate between heating and domestic hot water to meet demand simultaneously
  • System & Boiler Pump Controls: Provides power to both system and boiler pumps based on a call for heat. Programmable delay allows pumps to operate after a call has been satisfied
  • In/Out Temp. Sensors and Display: Allows installer to select which sensor controls the boiler setpoint
  • Field Connection Versatility: User-friendly terminal strip allows for 28 low-voltage field connections. Plus, 4 line voltage connections supply power to the unit, and up to three pumps operated by the SMART SYSTEM.
  • Built-in Cascading Sequencer: SMART SYSTEM includes a built-in sequencer for 2–8 units, eliminating the cost and labor of a third-party sequencer. On demand, one boiler acts as lead unit and modulates with demand to meet capacity. The additional load then “cascades” to the next boiler in line and continues all are operating or demand is satisfied. When demand drops, the process reverses.

KNIGHT is a great choice for radiant floor heating, baseboard and panel heater applications.

KNIGHT plus SQUIRE delivers domestic hot water for less! The KNIGHT boiler’s DHWP feature means you can easily install it with Lochinvar’s new SQUIRE indirect water heater. With this winning combination, homeowners will get high-efficiency space heating from KNIGHT, plus all the domestic hot water they need from SQUIRE. Equipped with a stainless steel tank and heat exchanger, SQUIRE will provide more hot water with lower water heating costs compared to a standard gas or electric water heater.