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Hot Water Heating

System 2000 provides abundant hot water at significant savings. Because System 2000 is an integrated system, it can produce tremendous mounts of hot water for far less cost than conventional boilers. In fact, System 2000 produces enough hot water to run the dishwasher, the washing machine and several showers all at once (that's virtually impossible with conventional boilers). System 2000 does it by combining three high performance components: a high capacity hot water storage tank, a low mass high efficiency boiler that produces more hot water per hour, and a stainless steel hot water heat exchanger. System 2000 does not have a separate water heater. It produces all the heat needed to warm your living spaces, and simultaneously provides for all your hot water requirements. That's efficiency!

High Performance Domestic Hot Water System

Heavily insulated storage tank provides a ready supply of hot water Advanced technology stainless steel heat exchanger captures full boiler output for domestic hot water recognized worldwide for most effective and efficient heat transfer. Integrated design works seamlessly with the Digital Energy Manager to provide energy recovery and maximum efficiency Unique stratified storage for improved water quality High output provides 210 gallons per hour.

Domestic hot water rating based on EK 1 first hour draw with 70F rise and 40 gallon storage tank. EK 2 model provides up to 350 gallons per hour.

What Happens When You Need Hot Water?

As hot water is used, the tank thermostat signals the Digital Manager and the Digital Manager turns on the burner. Within 90 seconds the domestic circulator is passing water from the storage tank through the stainless steel heat exchanger. This charges the top of the tank with hot water. Combined with the boiler it can provide 210 gallons of hot water per hour. When the tank is reheated the thermostat signals the a(luasta~ which turns off the burner. The Digital Manager directs the domestic circulator to continue sending cooler water at the bottom of the tank through the heat exchanger. This unique process recovers the heat left in the boiler. This heat is then stored back in the hot water tank, adding to your existing hot water supply. As a result, it's longer before the tank calls on the boiler for additional hot water and that conserves your fuel dollars. The result no heat is left wasted in the boiler.