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System 2000 Digital Energy Manager

This is the "smart" central control of the system. It continuously monitors heat requirements and directs output where it is needed. The digital energy manager controls heat in active areas of the home without wasting energy in unoccupied rooms. The system's energy converter is flushed with cool water after the boiler cycles off, which saves energy that would otherwise be lost.

Here's What Happens When You Need Heat

The Digital Manager senses your thermostat(s) requirements, and turns on the burner. Within 90 seconds the boiler sends heat through each zone valve, into your home. When your thermostat is satisfied, the Digital Manager turns off the burner. The Digital Manager then starts the unique Energy Recovery CycleTM that pumps any heat that is remaining in the boiler back into your home. This transfer takes about 20 minutes and guarantees that it will be longer before your thermostat needs to call for more heat. When the Digital Manager senses another call, the sequence begins again.